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Departure service

Even if the main target of the relocation process is settling the transferee as comfortably as possible into their new job and environment, relocation is not complete until the employee departs to his/her next destination. Therefore, the last details are related to the termination of the tenancy and helping the employee transfer smoothly to the following assignment.

What is Included?

  • Inspection and inventory check-out
  • Property condition
  • Notification to the Post Office of change of address and arranging for mail forwarding service
  • Cancel club membership
  • Arranging disposal of any trash following the move out
  • Arranging pick-up of any remaining furniture item not being shipped with employee to local charitable organization
  • Assist employee with the transport of any cars not being shipped with them
  • Contact all relevant utilities and advice of cancellation and final billing
  • Accompany employee and family to local relevant authorities for visa/residency and complete forms to exit country
  • Negotiation of return of deposit and, through use of the property inventory, assisting the employee in attempting to avoid any potential legal claims over the property condition
  • Organizing Moving Companies to make offer for their relocation




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