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Immigration procedures are very comprehensive and  can be very complicated, therefore professional assistance of High Class consultant can make this experience easy and pleasant for both Croatian Manager and the expatriate.
High Class Relocation handles all the necessary steps of acquiring work and residence permits for expatriates.
We will provide you with a full guidance on which documents are required, how to prepare them and also physically  assist   with   the   completions   of   all   relevant  applications  forms  to  endure  smooth,  stress-free process.
High  Class  Relocation  Consultant  will  submit  application  forms  with  supporting  documents  and  inform  the  expatriate  and  family  members about any future appointments that are necessary for them to attend with the High Class  Relocation Consultant.   
Once the necessary permits have been obtained, they will be entered into our database to allow us to centralize our records and notify you when permits need to be renewed.

What is Included?

  • Visa and immigration application
  • Work permit / residency permit / address registration
  • Managing Immigration process with Government authorities on behalf of the client
  • Ensure the work and residency permits are in compliance with local requests




Highclass Relocation
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